About Annemarie

Annemarie Mars is an energetic and passionate thought leader who has been working in the field of change leadership for more than 25 years. As consultant, coach, facilitator and speaker she helps top and middle managers giving space, direction and guidance to change that really makes a difference.

She specializes in organizational change aimed at highly skilled professionals, such as consultants, auditors, teachers, policy makers, doctors, bankers and engineers.

Annemarie publishes continuously on her reflections and has written several (prize-winning) books, such as ‘How to earn commitment?’ Since 2011 Annemarie Mars has been blogging monthly on change-related questions for an ever growing audience.

With her talent for sharing in-depth knowledge in a very down-to-earth manner, she has inspired thousands of top and middle managers to take the lead in change.

Annemarie enjoys conversing with participants in an edgy but always respectful manner. She considers digressing on platitudes or talking about things that other people need to change as a waste of time. She thrives in organizations where it is okay to reflect and have a good laugh.