With great pleasure I inspire leaders about their role in change. They also learn a common language that helps them to quickly find answers in their own situation.

Subjects of my presentations are:

  • How to earn commitment?
  • The function of friction
  • Organic change
  • Change in partnerships and networks

My presentations appear in lectures -45-90 minutes- and masterclasses -half a day-. Offline and online. Allways interactive, free of jargon and full of recognisable examples.

Recommendations from clients

“We had a successful meeting. After your session, numerous speakers referenced your session, along with various people making comments and asking questions. [Our global leader] concluded with a reminder of the change strategies and how they can be employed moving forward. I believe the participants did become more aware of their role as change agent. Your handout was a very tangible way for them to feel like they can take action going forward. All in all, I believe it was a success in helping them better assume their role as change leader”.
Managing Director – Global Meeting ‘Big Four’ Accounting firm

“Her combination of crystal-clear conceptual thinking with no-nonsense pragmatism and honesty is a relief. The combination of all that, in a warm person with a great sense of humour, makes it a pleasure to work with her”.
Prof. Dr. Job Kiviet, professor of Quality in Healthcare, Leiden Academic Hospital

“Annemarie is very driven, pleasant to have contact with and is good at reflecting on herself. She gave us an educational and uniting morning as a management team. I have rarely met someone without psychotherapeutic training who is that good at making contact. She applies her knowledge well to the questions of significance in your organisation. In short, with Annemarie you bring in a gem”.
Rian Busstra, Manager Treatment Matters, GGZ Drenthe.

“Annemarie is a speaker who brings complex matter to life with humour and practical examples. Her six spotlights give leaders guidance to determine what to do in every situation. I gladly recommend her!”
Joris van de Lindeloof, Director UNC plus Delta

“Annemarie has organized a study day for our partnership. She has managed to inspire 40 participants in an excellent way for a whole day. There was a nice balance between transferring theory and reflecting on it by the participants. The enthusiasm of Annemarie is contagious and nicely balanced with her down-to-earth approach. I was impressed by the way in which she could specialize ‘the general theory’ to our specific situation. During the seminar, she kept in touch with me to check whether her contribution was still in service to the goals we had set in advance. I can recommend Annemarie with conviction to anyone who is busy with change and wants to reflect on their leadership.”
Heidy Rubingh, Projectmanager Partnership Primary Education

“For many years now Annemarie Mars has inspired directors in our leadership program. I imagine that Henry Minzberg himself nods satisfied at the words she speaks. Pragmatism with depth. That is Annemarie Mars for me. She is grounded and can explain why that is important. The theoretical foundation is in order and she keeps up well. This makes her a role model for the people we are educating.”
Aagje Voordouw, Coordinator Management Development Program for Directors


For information or bookings please contact my personal assistent Annemieke Kersting.

Phone: +31 6 – 4222 40 33

Credits photo at the top: Ewouter Blokland