How to get commitment?

Stimulating intrinsic motivation by dealing with reactions to change

A change is only successful if people commit to it; if they feel the intrinsic motivation to show the behaviour that brings change into being. But the road to commitment is paved with pitfalls, because of which people drop out of the conversation or show persistent resistance.

In my presentation, I show you how to stimulate intrinsic motivation, so people can commit to change.


We start this interactive meeting by putting the spotlight on the people who’s commitment you seek. This clarifies the importance of intrinsic motivation for lasting behavioural change. Then we look at three reactions that precede it, and we ask ourselves which ones you see in your organisation. Then we will investigate your change story, to see where you can make it as convincing and inspiring as possible.

The speaker

My name is Annemarie Mars. As a change consultant, author and speaker, I help change agents to find the essential conversation to change together.

Writing is my way of learning. I continually reflect on what I see change agents doing, including myself. This way I created a practical and coherent body of knowledge on change management. Over the past twenty years I have published seven books and 86 blogs. The book “How to get commitment?” has sold more than 20,000 copies. It is frequently used in higher education and management courses. I have also developed a podcast series called ‘The Art of Finding’. In February 2021 my latest book ‘The function of friction’ was published.

Warming up

Feel free to browse the rest of my website. For example by reading my blog. Here are some suggestions about the theme of this presentation:

Hope to see you soon!